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BUT my new 16-35mm Nikkor has gotten quite a coating blemish(s) from rough/carless use recently.

I'm wondering whether that lens is still under warranty and whether it had a coating problem from the factory that allowed it to get blemished from your "rough use". I'd talk to Nikon before sending it in and see if they're willing to replace it based on the serial number and batch.

The other thing I'm wondering is what you could have done to cause this. Knowing that might help out others here.
I was sort of thinking the same... but wouldn't whine to them. I have a 105mm 1.8 that has been through the wringer and still no marks. The Hasselblad stuff I have has been in steel mills.. no marks. That being said, I think another lens was set on-top of it.. my micro 55 and bounce all over the element. Metal on glass = lots of marks and cringes.. Again not a conclusive test, but I have yet to have seen issues in my images yet. Now for Leica flint glass that is all hazy... they do effect the images no mater what optimistic sellers say.