If you're trying to do quality work in terms of sharp focus etc the quality of build does make a difference. It's harder to critically focus a 2x3
camera than 4x5, and slight errors in tilts and focus etc make a bigger difference. Ebony cameras are well worth the price but obviously aren't cheap under any definition of that term. I just find a dedicated 2X3 camera to be very limited in terms of versatility. What I sometimes do is use Horseman 6x9 backs on my Ebony 4x5. It's nearly as compact and light as 6x9 only camera, and it can still be used for 4x5 work. If you prefer metal cameras, Horseman technical cameras are beautifully made, but without the range of movements as a "baby Technika",
Arca, or Technikardan, but much better priced at the moment. Many view cameras are incredibly well priced at the moment, including Sinars - but the latter would seem to be a bit bulky if you're just going to size them down for roll film use.