Some good news to hear. If they are able to position themselves well, we can have a winner.

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I take the stand that who is able to engineer colour-films, which are based on seperate layers similar to those monochrome films, is also able to engineer classis monochrome films.
Assuming they have the very same machinery, the formulas on hand and the technicians that worked on it. It should seemingly be "straightforward" to begin production again. It's amazing how complex it is, as they state being on R&D, for sure reformulating but perhaps they are getting their old emulsions a leap forward.

As of formulas, should one want to produce eg. Ektachrome 100G but on their premises; Is the formula public? I recall PE writing something about working on Gold 400 and how he had the formula. IIRC, this was one of the major resource hogs, reformulating. A sad outcome of a (probable) exit of the big two would be the technology loss on how their films are way advanced given the huge R&D they have benefited for decades.

...We could recover the old plan of keeping PE in a barn for our own coating; but instead sending him to italy, for a holiday...