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That being said it seems pretty unlikely your flexicolor bleach just decided to stop working, especially considering it's not a blix.
I'm thinking that's the problem, though… I don't think it ever worked. I've only tried to process 2 rolls, and they both showed the same problem. It's a shame because the whole set cost a lot more than I should've paid at first. I've heard about bleach failures in other kits with separate bleaches. I took a huge chance in using Flexicolor SM in such a large batch. :/ Win some…lose some.

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Is there a remote chance that you were given the E6 CD instead of the C41 CD by accident? Also, just for sake of experiment, you could try to bleach a small test clip with a ferricyanide bleach, just to see whether you bleach has gone bad and it was retained silver after all.
I don't have any ferricyanide bleach to test with. I'll see about acquiring some.