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Having worked professionally for two decades I never once had to report a damaged lens element or coatiing; occasional filter damage, yes, that's expected, and the filter has done it's job. I would think that blemishes of what you are describing would only manifest in a troubling manner if you are shooting contra jour or into another strong (artificial) light source where flare and scatter will be evident. You might also benefit from putting on a multi-coated filter to provide a bit more protection.
Each their own... I go without a "protection" filter especially on wides where dew drops and dust on a dirty filter do their worst to degrade things.

Filter are for collor-correction, polarizing, and B+W contrast augmentation... I stopped with the "skylights" in 1994.

My 150mm planar has been rained on more than once... I am happier keeping lens caps on lenses when not in use rather than dealing with micro scratched skylight filters which always seemed to degrade fast...perhaps because I let them get so dirty.

Anyway... I guess I'll just send this 16-35 in when and if I notice the blems are an issue. It is the most blemed up lens I have ever used... sad it was new 8 months ago.