Back on July 19 I told the story of my Nikon FA and N90s acquisitions, but my case of CBS [Camera Buying Syndrome] quickly reasserted itself when I saw an eBay listing for a Canon EOS A2E with Vertical Grip and an add-on cable with 2-conductor phone plug hanging out of it [some sort of jury-rigged 2CR5 battery substitute] sitting at a very low opening bid. I couldn't resist, and put in a bid, but the opening bidder was less serious about taking home this camera than I expected, so I got the A2E.

Upon examination, I found the cable attached to a plastic 2CR5 housing that had been stripped of its cells, with the tip of the phone plug soldered to the positive terminal of the 2CR5 case [just perfect for use with a Quantum or similar battery pack], but this was easily replaced with a standard 2CR5. The only sign of the modification when I put in the 2CR5 and switched it on is a notch cut into the inner edge of the hand grip to clear the cable.

The A2E works nicely; I was able to calibrate and use the Eye Controlled Focus feature as well, and it's uncanny how the camera will focus at the sensor indicator I look at.

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