So, I attend Burning Man, and for the past couple of years I've brought my digital SLR out there. Worked out OK, but always have sent them off for a thorough cleaning to Canon, and boy did they need it. Over this past year I've sorta gone crazy with with 120 roll film starting off with the Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, and now with a Perkeo I and Mamiya Six (older folder, not newer Mamiya 6). I'm planning on bringing my Perkeo I with me, along with several rolls of film (plastic baggy in the cooler for what I don't need right away).

However, that got me to thinking, an SLR format can be so much easier to shoot with when things move very fast as they often do for what I shoot. Also a decent built-in light meter would be amazing, since that also slows me down a decent bit. Sure, I can estimate using Sunny 16 type rules (*note to self, get ND filter for Perkeo*), but I've still be spoiled by my modern 35mm DSLR. Brought me to some searches, which brought me to Pentax 645N. Looks pretty great, maybe not as big of a system as the Mamiya 645, but I have no plans to go MF digital anytime soon as it's just way too costly for me. But if I get that and decide to bring it out to an event like Burning Man where dust is literally everywhere (mmm...tasty!), whiteouts can happen at any time and it can get blazing hot out under the sun, I started getting curious as to what reasonably feature-full 120 roll film cameras are out there that can survive those conditions with minimum of precautions for a week or more. In a full on whiteout I wouldn't pull the camera out, and probably put it in a plastic bag and likely inside another carrying bag when not in use.

I'm thinking something so incredibly simple like my Perkeo will, although the points of vulnerability are dust on the film rollers causing problems or getting into the shutter mechanism. Otherwise, it's so simple there's not much that can go wrong with it. But a more complicated camera like the Mamiya Six or any of the somewhat modern 645 cameras with the mirror, metering, motorized film advance, etc are probably a lot more vulnerable. Or are they? What says the hive mind?