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Who is Ken Rockwell?

Check out the website www.kenrockwell.com

You'll find equipment reviews that are unsponsored, independent, but personally biased toward ease of use and image quality, informative and entertaining articles and essays. For example, he raved about Canon's EOS 5d but now considers the Nikon D600 the best all-around DSLR available; he similarly wrote a good review of the Nikon N90/N90s, but picked the F100 apart eighteen ways from Sunday.

I confess, I spent a few years at measurebator level on his "Seven Levels of Photographer" scale, and I learned more from one of his articles on composition than anything else I've read on the subject. He raises the hackles of some, apparently aggravating the slavish Leica devotees the most, and may not be everybody's cup of tea [I enjoy the site, as you may have guessed].