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Pentax 67?? Pretty tank-ish.

Burning Man is hardly the place for art-quality photographs, I can tell you. Australians have been there and described is as "full scale debauchery".
The 67 (all versions) are prone to the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture. Burning Man is held in extremely harsh, dry environment. People have left the digimons in the sun there (got up from their chair, leaving the camera sitting on it...) and the camera has been turned to jelly! Though 35mm might be off your radar, but it would mean more shots per roll if that matters, a built-in meter and less changing of film which will only increase, dramatically, the risk of that appalling dust entering the camera. Any of the 'old guard' film cameras like the Olympus OMs, Nikons FE, FA will do the job. But you really need to concentrate on how to protect the camera in use, not just when it is not being used. The all-pervading fine white dust gets into everything, everything (even food, water). Take whatever camera you have and mollycoddle it, storing it in an airtight container. In that place you're going to need to look after yourself just as much as everything else you take there (theft if rife).