Funny you mention an old Land Camera and Fuji peel-apart...I happen to have a couple working Automatic's I was going to bring to take peel-apart with to gift to people =D

On the other side, I do have a Minolta X-700 which works fine, but 35mm just doesn't seem to do it for me the way 120 does. Even though I can get a Pentax 645N for $300+ with lens, I probably won't, at least not to go to Burning Man. I was more curious what people thought about the survivability of some of the newer 'older' MF cameras that have more features.

One thing I'm a little disappointed in is the most/all of the 645 bodies are focal plane shutters rather than leaf shutters in the lens I know there are a few lenses out there that you can find that do have a leaf shutter, but it's still not the same. It's funny, I'm so used to leaf shutters in my film bodies that a focal plane shutter seems weird.