Perhaps others have noticed....this little contribution will be about # 32 in the list of replies on this thread - compared to an average of 3 to 5 replies to threads in the past 6 months. What does this tell us about APUGers ? Are we Luddites, or simply way ahead of our time, but in a different way.

It worried me, back in the previous century, when friends would raise eyebrows and comment "... John always was a bit different...". Which must be why I have sometimes thought about reloading the square glass inkwells in what was my grandfather's pen and ink desk set that sits at the back of my desk.

There are two; the right-hand one was for black ink - as the 100-year-old ink stains near it tell. It seems he was more careful with debits - the left-hand ink bottle has but a couple of tiny red dots near it.

Yes ! Why not ! I think I've seen ink in my local stationer.