Hello everyone,

Thank you so much to all of you for your feedback and help. I'll reply to everyone individually but of course anybody can take part ! Thanks again everyone for your time !

@Wolfeye: thanks for your support and input. However I am in India for only 1 more month and hopefully I'll get free time to travel one week so in the end only 3 weeks starting tomorrow, so I can't find the kit here and do it here, it will end up being too complicated and I won't have the time to look into it unfortunately. But it's a good thing you advised me to do that since I didn't know you can do it yourself ! Is it as simple as developing black and white ? If you can do it with a 20 dollars kit why is it so hard to find labs that do it (at least here it is) ?
The guy seems to be recommended by many, i saw his name on forums in the region, on the lomography site and a guy in a store recommended him too. It seems like a passionate that makes a living out of it or at least some extra money. I think he will still do a better job than me.

This is what he replied to me after my enquiry ("rs" are rupees):
"100 iso film shoot to 1000 iso it will cost rs 250 + 200 push = 450 rs will be processing charges for this film

aperture and shutter speed is not a matter

push processing is connected with only with the iso of film and which iso it is shoot"

Does he sound like he knows what he is doing ? It's the best I've got here. I'm surprised he said the shutter speed and aperture don't influence the result. Correct me if I'm wrong but they control the amount of light info that comes on the film and therefore the result, if there is not enough info there is no photo right ?

@vpwphoto: Yeah I know it's a big mistake. I got used to the comfort of digital where you see instantly the result and only then if you see something suspect you change settings. But with the analog camera I thought I was all set, I forgot I had played with the knob. The trauma from this experience will surely impregnate my mind with that check from now on I'm sure, I just would've preferred it to happen on some random test pictures of the garden, not pictures of Pondicherry lol ! Wouldn't 1 stop not show anything at all or barely anything ?

@TheFlyingCamera: That's what I am afraid of unfortunately. But as you can see above, the processing won't be very expensive and therefore it's worth a shot I think, you never know, maybe I'll be lucky and will have either dark images or funky photos we'll see. I'll be very forgiving on the results just as long as I get something. After all I see it like cooking, sometimes you mess up the recipe and end up enhancing it or even inventing a new one !

@jp498: Thanks, I would like to do it myself but at this point in time I won't have the time, I barely have time to go out and shoot. But processing B&W and now slide films is definitely something I would love to get into, especially slide film since you can then just easily scan the roll and you're done, with negative film I'm not sure how to scan it cause if you scan it you will only have the negative in the JPEG or TIFF file, how do you then transform that into colours I have to figure out. Also are B&W films negatives or slide like films where you can see the picture in a small version ? Finally, do you know a good source of information and walkthrough for slide processing ? Thanks.

@zsas: thanks for your support

@thegman: I understand now, thanks ! Indeed I think 3 stops would be better than 4. How about 2 stops ? It would reduce the damage of the pushing but wouldn't it provide only black images ?

@wildbill & thegman : exactly, as the price quoted above indicates, it's not expensive and I'm willing to waste that little sum if I can take a chance and at least save something.

@vpwphoto: I could technically go there again but I don't know if I'll have the time and it's a whole week end with 7hours of bus on Indian roads lol. Also If I have a week end with no plans it would be better to try to find another areas to visit. But we'll see, maybe nothing interesting will be in range and I won't feel like partying and I'll go again, by that time I'll maybe have the roll already processed. What do you mean by the fact that I "may have "bracketed" more than [I] think" ? what is bracketeering ?

Thanks again for all the inputs everyone, very interesting conversation, let's hope I'll have some pictures to show you !