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Cheers, any thoughts on how to do a conversion like this to mine? Ideally loking for some kind of manual or guide more specific to this model, rather than the more 'visible on the internet' IIS and onwards publications. If I could get a ground glass for the back that would make things far easier with fabricating something and calibrating the focus scale.
Also it would appear the chrome bezel in the picture, the seller neglected to send both it and the roll film holder he mentioned. . . Waiting on a response before I raise a dispute in ebay. . . So far un-enamoured with the sale
Sorry to hear that... Hopefully you will stay in love with the camera and, even if this one does not end happily, will get another in the future... But I expect the seller will stand behind his product...

Ground glass are the hardest part to come by, I broke one of mine and luckily had a replacement, but if I break this one I may be in trouble (I could always buy a plastic one and adjust it, but I like to keep it as original as possible).

There are little differences between the II and the IIS apart from the lens mount, so if we are talking here about instructions manual, the one scanned and published by Richard Urmonas should teach you anything you may need.