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I thought so too, but today Mirko from Adox stated that Rodinal production at the Vaihingen plant ended and that they are having it produced elsewhere:
Just because that factory isn't making it doesn't mean it's not being made still the original proper way.

About your patent comment, I don't know when the NEW Rodinal patent was created, I think you're probably thinking about "old" Rodinal when you are thinking of when it was patented 120 years ago.

Regardless somehow Adox are able to claim that the others who make R09 are not making the exact same formula, and he couldn't say that if it weren't true on an online forum because the company would be sued if he were not telling the truth. So somehow either by patent or by keeping the exact formula so secret that no one can make it exact, I'm not sure, but obviously ADOX Adonal is the real Rodinal and it's good to know you're getting the real stuff!

Again I can only speculate that when the Vaihingen plant stopped making the formula, the other companies couldn't get the official formula made anymore so they made something similar. ADOX somehow was able to produce the exact formula somewhere and is still selling the original formula.

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