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I know, it's strange. But I don't have a clue otherwise. I have changed everything except the film. I have ordered a pack of Fuji Pro 400, it should be interesting to see what will happend there. Anyway, most of the color pics a have planned for this years trip to Estonia will have to wait until I get this sorted out. But theres a lot of b/w to shoot there as well so I'm not to dissapointed. And what would the charm of shooting film be if everything was easy as working with a DSLR?
The film might have a higher range of greys available and so the digital might not have seen all the grey tone shifts?

Was the light controlled with a strobe or from window light? Sun/clouds could be a factor.

Same exact time? Looks like the paper is folded and not flat.

Same exact lens? I think you need to use the same equipment, Lens contrast could be different. Do this with a Nikon film body that takes the same lens as the digital.

Digital camera could also be taking advantage of its "vignetting correction" (peripheral illumination correction) feature and that could have an effect on the greys.

Nikon owners I know complain that they don't produce the same tones that are present in a scene. Get a Canon haha (this is a teasing joke, lets not start a Canon-Nikon war lol).

Hope some of those suggestions were helpful.

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