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Here are a couple that I metered with the Pocket Light Meter app on my iPhone.

4x5 Korona, Fujinon 90mm f/8, Delta 100 in Pyrocat HD.

Old Fall River Road creek, Rocky Mountain National Park

Bronica GS-1 6x7cm, 110mm f/4 Macro, Delta 100 in XTOL.

Avalanche Creek 1, Glacier National Park
Since this thread is about the efficacy of the i-thingy meter, I have to ask is there any shadow detail on the negatives? Because on my screen the pictures look underexposed. I do quite a lot of very similar work under similar lighting and always get much more shadow detail. But then I have the disadvantage of using a 50+ year old LunaSix. And 100 year old lenses.