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Yes, on all accounts above.

One thing about the ND filter is that it's not a single bullet fix. When using, say, a two stop ND filter, you have to adjust your power as if you're shooting 2 stops slower film. This means more power is required.
Yes I agree, but again, if you're opening up your aperture to the point you need an ND filter above 1/400 of a second, and a 1200ws strobe isn't enough for you for the scene, it's a pretty specialized scene and you should be able to afford more specialized equipment at that point... Haha

I'm going on the assumption that if you're shooting with a pro level camera that has a 1/400 leaf shutter you're a pro with pro lighting of at least 1200ws of power.

I don't often NEED that much power, but I certainly have that much in the field and double that in the studio.

If you're only shooting with 300-600ws of power you might be somewhat limited, but I don't think many out there who could afford $2,000+ camera systems somehow can't afford the lighting to match.

Assumptions, all assumptions...

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