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What I meant, is that the question is made more complicated because it is harder to test whether the system is functioning properly.

If a wireless transmitter fires the flash at the wrong time with a focal plane shutter, the entire frame won't be illuminated - this is easy to see in a test exposure.

Whereas if a wireless transmitter fires the flash at the wrong time with a leaf shutter, the entire frame may very well be illuminated, but the exposure may be less, because of the shutter not being at its maximum opening. That is harder to verify in a test exposure.
Couldn't you do the white wall test? Shoot a white wall at a high speed (little ambient light) and see if there is light "fall off".

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Yes I agree, but again, if you're opening up your aperture to the point you need an ND filter above 1/400 of a second, and a 1200ws strobe isn't enough for you for the scene, it's a pretty specialized scene and you should be able to afford more specialized equipment at that point... Haha

I'm going on the assumption that if you're shooting with a pro level camera that has a 1/400 leaf shutter you're a pro with pro lighting of at least 1200ws of power.

I don't often NEED that much power, but I certainly have that much in the field and double that in the studio.

If you're only shooting with 300-600ws of power you might be somewhat limited, but I don't think many out there who could afford $2,000+ camera systems somehow can't afford the lighting to match.

Assumptions, all assumptions...

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$2000+ camera? My Mamiya Pro and Bronica SQ-A kits together don't come to that price. With the prices of MF gear now adays, it allows for serious hobbiest or professional wannabes to step up their film gear and shoot with awesome setups. I'm definitely stepping up my lighting, but I'm not near 1200ws yet.