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Couldn't you do the white wall test? Shoot a white wall at a high speed (little ambient light) and see if there is light "fall off".

$2000+ camera? My Mamiya Pro and Bronica SQ-A kits together don't come to that price. With the prices of MF gear now adays, it allows for serious hobbiest or professional wannabes to step up their film gear and shoot with awesome setups. I'm definitely stepping up my lighting, but I'm not near 1200ws yet.
Haha point about the hobbyists but then they probably can't create art that needs any fancy lighting anyway OHHHHHHH!!! burn!!!

All in fun ^^^

Even my new toyo 4x5 was cheap in compassion to new prices, it's very true. But really, we are always limited to what we can afford, that said, needing such a wide aperture in general at 1/400 is still really unnecessary in most situations, either use a slower speed film, or a lens with a later focal length to accomplish your goals you have to work with what you've got

Also I won't even bother using any power pack lower than 1200, they are kind of useless unless you only use one strobe, you might as well just use a speed light, those are more powerful anyway haha

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