Many cards had been added to the pile. Now finally commented on. I am just back from a week away wilderness canoeing, and also have a fair number of email to answer and file at work.

My envelopes for cards are all addressed and stamped, and hopefully I will get prints made in the coming week.
I am the only one home this week with the balance of the family dispatched at camps, but I have also been busy getting caught up on backlogged laundry and yard work and drying tents and tarps prior to storing them away.

Anikin – Airport Security – Korean Style. A neat capture of another culture and its’ traditional fashions. Only one guy seems to be eyeing you, so your street shooting style must be pretty good. Niggling critique- the ER in the upper corner – I would have cropped that out of the frame – it really pulls your eye away from what the real focus of this image is. I know with street you cannot always control the background elements.

Bluejeh- Hedy’s Vase- a very well executed still life, with a full gamut of tones. I enjoy the way it hangs so well, while breaking a number of supposed still life ‘rules’.

Bluejeh2- Tree Monster – yes, a nice interpretation of the root void, ready to swallow you up. Good focus, range of tones, and an appropriate low key rendering of the image. Quibble with the borders – I suspect you have access to a roller easel and roller processor for your print making, because the borders are cut unevenly, with a part of the next image on the edge of this one. More care in cutting would have increased its’ overall impact.

Ed Bray- Historical Locomotive units in service. I love shots like this, with the historical backstory include. Sharp, as you would hope a 5x7 negative would render the scene. Great timing and placement of the engine relative to the telegraph post and crossing pointsman’s or gatesman’s shed. Good shadow detail. I might have pushed the development a bit to counter the slightly low contrast lighting at play here, but the way you have rendered the print works well also.

Jim O Alienis- or The Bridge at sun rise/set – Nice layout of the elements in the frame. Neat to see the burn out of the elements at the right, but I wonder what it might have looked like with the use of an unsharp mask to cut the overall scene negative sandwich brightness ratio. The bird on the post provides a nice foreground element to aid in establishing the scale of the scene. I might have tried the shot from a bit lower vantage point, to see if I could put more of the bird so it would not blend with the background structure.

Kraker – Hillside- A wonderful cyanotype, with beautiful paper texture that mates well with the subject matter. Nice subject matter to begin with , a pastoral hillside cope of trees. Good coating – foam brush or some sort of other brush I surmise. If this is your first jab at cyanotype, you are off to a fine start; let the enlarged negative making begin!

Mardan – Part of a portrait series. A classic figure study portrait, with a good rendition of tones in the print achieved I surmise from the careful placement of light source, camera viewpoint and sitter. It would be nice to have seen the whole series. Good skin tone detail – I surmise this was shot on something larger than 35mm.

Megzda81(I think from other clues on this thrread) Morning Ride – a very nice low key image, with subtle shafts of light slicing delicately depicted through the tree canopy that arches over the roadway. Nice placement of the far curb emanating from the corner of the frame, and leading our eye further in.

Mesantacruz- The Pacific at Dusk- A nice low key print achieved with careful long exposure to lend texture to the water flow, and a degree of luck that the figures in the background have not moved too much. Good placement of horizon, and leading line of shorefront across the diagonal lower third of the print.

Moose on the loose – Haew Si Waterfall –So great print and no IR this time, Rachelle! An inspired use of ND and polarizer to pull this off at mid day with the shutter speed slow down to give texture to the water flow. Excellent shadow/blackness placement and grade selection on the paper to achieve the final print.

Peter Schrager – Hollywood Back Lot. Neat subject matter- stored late 50’s or earlier chair and ephemera. I think the image would have more punch if it was printed on a higher grade of paper though, if the negative could work that way. Things are a little muddy in the print for my liking as they stand presently. When I am beholden to the subject matter, I print the image, and then put it on the floor and view it from upside down. The first glance lets me see if the image tones hold together to give a pleasing form and tonality before my brain goes to work to decode what the actual subject in the image is.

Piu58 – Thistle in Snow. A wonderful warm toned image of a simple nature still life on a cream paper base. Careful examination of the back reveals it to be some sort of Agfa postcard stock horded from long ago. So pleased it has seen the light of day.

Redrockcoulee – Weathered Pillars – Nice detail in the grain of the old boards. I like the shimmering out of focus water in the background, and the overall placement of elements within the image. I am not so enamored with the grey tones that the snow in the foreground has been render. I would like to see what some filter adjustment, or split tone printing work might do to put more snap in the foreground snow. I am not trying to be too down on you, and hope to see more images from you in future exchanges.

Steelbar- The Boat Building Shed- I like the framing of the image element. Vertical stay vertical which is key in this sort of shot. Skillful placing of the person door slightly to the upper left, and letting the rail in the floor lead from the corner of the print into that element. Good exposure to get wood grain detail, and nice enhancement of the shadows in the print with a gently applied soak in selenium.

Steven Frizza – Mr. Jiggs- A great reprint, with a fine caption. Love the old polaroid rendered in the image. It must have been the photographers light ratio confirmation tool, and just used for the monkey to be so enthralled by it. Good selection of paper contrast to give strong blacks and near clear whites. Neat envelope sealed with an inked finger print.

Trond -Shore – Not quite symmetrical, but the image works well by breaking that rule. Nice leading lines of light, and defined by the channel though the reeds. Neat some sort of animal print in the foreground, or maybe I am reading too much into that area, having launched from similar viewpoints for the last week of canoeing. Bold wide borders work well to mate with the image. Well executed.

So maybe to heavy on the critique, but I think we can all become better photographers from the careful feed back of others.
A more measured approach rather than just a quick 'got the print', and that is all the feedback you offer.

Now on to get my own printing under way.