I have some that go back far enough they predate DX coding.
By storing them in film cans when not in the camera, the felt tends to stay clean.

I have every five years maybe, given the felt a vaccuuming with a crevice tool when I am doing a big mid winter bulk loading night. Other wise they seem to work fine for many many reusues for me.

I have only recently started to use a film leader retriver, and accordingly I now load the bulk E-6 film in my stash onto reused provia cans as I use up the factory loads, so when I wander into a good DX reading camers from time to time the latitude is correctly handled.

When taping onto a protruding tail, I stick to BluMax film spilcing tape bought from a lab. It sticks film together very well, with no gooing, like some masking tape can do with time.