I just finished speed testing some FP4+. It's one of my favorites, so I had to finally give it a somewhat reasonable test. This was using 4x5 sheet film, half sheet exposed and half unexposed.

Using my Starlite 2, I metered a white reflector and exposed it 4 stops less that the meter read. I took another reading, and gave 3 stops over the meter. Developedthem both normally, HC-110 Dilution H, for 9 minutes- 1 minute continuous agitation followed by 8 minutes of one tray tilt each 10 seconds and let them dry.

After 3 hours, I took readings of both, and the unexposed half frames for each. My -4 stops required a 1/3 stop to reach the density of the blank frame. My 3 stops over required a 4 1/3 stop increase to match the blank one. Based on what I've read, this means the speed and development are on the mark at box speed. I used 2 meters to evaluate the negatives, one does 1/3 stops and the other does 1/2 stops, and both were close... 1/2 vs 1/3 at the low end and 4 1/2 v 4 1/3 at the high end.

Is this workably accurate, given I have no access to a densitometer? Based on what I've read, it would appear to be. It just seems odd, based on what I've read, that it only took 2 exposed films.