Unfortunately, you have to wiggle your toes into the water to know its temperature. If you don't have the ability to actually see one of these cameras in use, you're going to just have to dive in and learn the hard way. If your initial hunch is reasonably correct, you'll simply get used to the camera pretty soon and not worry about which model might have hypothetically been slightly better. With Ebony you have to differentiate between full-featured folders with relatively long bellows and non-folding cameras made primarily for wide angle lenses only (though these can be lenghtened using back extensions. You also have to decide what kind of med format film and holders you want to work with - sheet or roll (more likely). ... and not all roll film holders are created equal or attach in the same manner. A relatively heavy holder on
a cheaper, flimsier (but otherwise good) camera might actually tug the image slightly out of focus.