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I can agree on the need for a stabilizer but the Tentenal kit includes one.

As for Storage Kodak wrote in the instructions for their 6 bath kit,
“For best results, store mixed solutions a maximum of 4
weeks if stored under nitrogen or 1 week if stored in partially filled bottles. “

So I don’t see that is being a longer shelf life then the 3 bath Tentenal kit.
Kodak is notoriously conservative on storage life estimates. You can usually at least double their figures IME.

OTOH, as I said, mix up only enough to do the film you need to process, and dispose of the solutions. Storage life of working strength is, to me, a non-issue. Storage life of partially full opened concentrates IS, but doesn't seem to be a problem with E6. I kept the old Unicolor stuff long enough to use up an entire gallon, better part of a year best I remember, with no problems at all.