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A little harsh, considering we're down to one E6 producer (plus the repacked Agfa aerial stuff which, with respect to the company concerned, hasn't yet been established as an ongoing reliable product), we might be glad that someone has enough faith to at least try to reintroduce an option. And it doesn't follow that any new Ferrania product will be the same as 20 odd years ago?

(And, actually, it would be rather nice if the Orwo factory was still in production rather than being a big area of waste ground. )
Agreed. We should see how will the product be, most probably derived from their old formulas but perhaps they are reformulating heavily in the R&D they mention. I am very curious about their E6 100 intention. The statement from Nicola (he leads the endeavor) is that they will be basing this film on their last iteration of Ferrania Chrome film, which was just Scotchcrome and 3M.
I might agree that if we lose Fujichrome, the alternative(s) will be some generations behind in tech.

As of Orwo, aren't they a company called "Filmotec" and selling MP B&W stock?

OT but a curious topic; Following Links reading Thom's mirrorless site and stumped upon an article about m4/3 and its future. Basically talks about how digital camera sales aren't those expected and might decline. Seems like it's possible for Olympus and Panasonic to quit the market... It is rather amusing, not only film is in danger of discontinuation.

There is another (long) thread about ferrania, mods could merge this one into the other.