Try some Kodak D-19. Usually I use 1 + 3 dilution at about 3 - 3.5 minutes - 20 Deg. C.

I shoot a bit of old aerial and this is what works the best for me.

As a second choice try some Kodak Dektol - I find it way to fast in standard dilutions but have had good luck with it up to 1 + 5.

Currently have some 7 inch x 30 feet of Kodak RAR 3494 loaded in my Keystone F8 aerial camera. I will process this in a Morse system and it needs about 4 gallons each of developer, stop bath, and fixer. The nice part about this film is that I can develop it by inspection under a red light. I just keep moving the film through the developer until I get the density I want. 30 feet will give me about 60 7 x 5 inch negatives so it takes me most of the summer to shoot it. I only have a couple of rolls left and after that who knows what I will do with it. Since the 30 feet of film will need substantial amounts of developer to process I usually mix up a stock 1 gallon package and then dilute to fill the Morse tanks. After that I use it to develop x-ray film until the time gets to be too long.

I tried D76 for most older film as well as the x-ray film I shoot and found the contrast lacking ( just what I like so YMMV ) - so I went to the D-19. I also shoot 4 x 5 "Shanghai" film and develop in D-19 as well. Gives it a lot nicer "Pop".

Hope this helps,