No photography to speak of on my end recently. We've been doing a major house cleanout, and that's still ongoing. David has his cameras, but I'm not sure how much he's used them. I'll have a chance to ask him in about 10 days. He'll probably be arriving home about the end of next week. His emails aren't effusive, and I try not to annoy him. When he was 4 years old and his mom was asking him annoying questions about what he'd done during the day while she was at work, he realized what she was getting at and said, "I guess you can't live my life, can you?"

I did get a DSLR on a good sale, hoping to get back to some plans for a portrait business I had to abandon for family health reasons about 6 years ago now. The analog lab portion of that planned workflow has since shut down.

As things have developed the last few days, there may be some medical appointments over the weekend of the 9-11th that I have to take part in. The timing is out of my hands and we have to take the first available opening as it comes up.

Life in the slow lane.

BTW, there's a philosophy prof a few houses down the street who has an African Gray, maybe 15 years old or so. Don't know if he takes boarders.


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Glad you plan on coming. Looking forward to more family details as they happen. Any photography in all of this?