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If you will not waste your time to cite a source I assume you have none. Do not post and say something unless you can back it up.
You have about 3,000 post in the last year. Most of them are just your BS.
Of course as you also posted,
"...of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong."
Really? How old are you?

I use my phone and I'm not often on the computer so it would be very difficult to search posts, especially when the threads dealing with E-6 info often get to the 200+ post count, it would just be difficult and could take hours on my phone, it doesn't mean he didn't say it, if you want the information why don't you search all the threads I've posted in and then tell me it was easy to find.

Just because someone doesn't want to cater to your will doesn't make them wrong.

Why are you so hostile/aggressive about this anyway?

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