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While this is potentially very good news, especially for E6 and if either are available in sheets, I'd like to see a faster E6 film now that Provia 400x is going away. I'm stocking up as I can afford - I really like that film. It's amazingly good for a 400 speed slide film. While I'm sure it would be hard to match, even a film a bit grainier would be ok if we can get just a "pretty good" slide film in 200 or, preferably, 400. 100 is just too slow for shooting outdoors handheld with reasonable F stops in shade or cloudy days. I was faced with that Sunday. I'd shot up the roll of 400X I had loaded, though I had another but didn't. All I had was E100G, which I like a lot but trying to photograph a picnic in deep shade I was getting shutter speeds of 1/30th and less wide open on my Vivitar 28-105 f/2.8-3.5 lens. That's just...not enough. Even one more stop to 200 would be most welcome. 200 is actually a very fine all around speed. I'm surprised there aren't more 200 films.
I agree, I really like 200, but true 200 not the kind that says 200 but is really 125, like some 400's you have to rate at 320 etc.

It's a great compromise between grain and speed.

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