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Agreed! Wow.

Ok I have a solution

Mamiya RB67's are super cheap right now, get a body and a lens and a 70mm back, that gives you 50-60 images to a roll, that should be enough, and you can get Kodak portra and B&W 70mm for a decent price. (Cheaper than 220).

The whole camera can be a throw away, it will be heavy but there's a light meter viewfinder attachment. The most expensive is the 70mm back but even those aren't too bad.

Plus you can also get 70mm IR400 film and burning man in infra red would be pretty cool. The sun is strong enough you might not even need a tripod during the day.

Or just use it as 400 B&W

Best of all its new and cheap from maco.

Anyway that's my idea, if the body gets destroyed, who cares.

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You do realize that the RB67 weighs like 8 pounds, and is not exactly a small & portable camera, right? It would be nice if I don't need to take 2 or 3 minutes to setup and check the shot before taking it, right?