You've obviously never been to burning man, if you put it in 3 ziplock bags, playa dust would still get in the camera, a bag won't help.

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You do realize that the RB67 weighs like 8 pounds, and is not exactly a small & portable camera, right? It would be nice if I don't need to take 2 or 3 minutes to setup and check the shot before taking it, right?
It's heavy but not that bad, and 2-3 minutes?

I use my RZ67 as a walk around camera all the time handheld...

You guys need to hit the gym

It's heavy with the viewfinder I'll give you that, I just use a WLF and have a light meter (spot) on my hip belt. Usually, but still, I do use it to walk around on trips. Hassleblad users do it all the time, it's the same thing just 1 more CM

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