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I was prepared to up my order to help, but it seems not enough others were.

The few of us that want it will have to make a lot more noise next year to try and bring out some other potential users...
Well a funny thing happened with the 70mm that they made a mistake and had enough orders and we had one day to agree to still order it, but a few people backed out and I posted everywhere, brought up old threads about 70mm and in the end the freestyle rep sake she got quite a few orders because of my posting and making noise and we made the numbers. I also discovered not as many people knew about the ULF or knew that they were doing smaller formats like 46mm and 70mm because the title is ULF .

Point is, next year create a poll and 122 thread here and on LF forum and even RF forum and organize to know how much people will order so you can figure out how much more you need.

Manifest your destiny sir

Good luck!

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