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For some reason I have it in my mind that my ol' Nikon SLR's are more sturdy and rugged than my rangefinders (M3 and R3M). And that the VF's are more prone to misalignment even though I have NEVER had this happen. Please bring me back to reality so I can get back to my RF's.
Leicas and other "high quality" RFs (they're actually bait for the trap) are inherently evil, also prone to demonic posession. A misaligned viewfinder is the least of your worries.
Send me all your Leica and other RF gear, I'll put it in a spiritual Faraday cage and guard it so no one comes to harm. Then have yourself excorsised and your house (and especially the darkroom) cleansed and blessed. Don't hesitate.
Actually the Nikons are dangerous, too. Send those as well!