Rudeofus, I woke up at 4 AM this morning and, without having read what you just wrote, did what you just said. I have a stock of one percent benzotriazole and added about 35 ml of the stock to a liter of diluted (D-76 type: 1 + 3) working solution developer. I processed the Eastman 4x (ancient with fog) for 15 minutes at 100 F (!) at EI of 2 (!) and I could not believe how beautiful my negatives were! Almost fog free and the only 'bad' part was a bit of blocked up highlights due to the gross overexposure. Shadow detail and contrast were just about perfect.

This was a LOT of restrainer to use and it worked as I had hoped. Thank you and I hope others try this because the film was just about hopeless. It requires an amazing amount of exposure but, if used on a tripod, my 100 foot roll is fine. Best of all: given that this is a very high speed-designated film, I can say to all that there most likely will NEVER be a B&W film in your possession that you will ever have to throw away. I also tried the Kodak 2484 and got the same spectacular results. - David Lyga