Quick breakdown...

I'm surprised at how fuzzy/oof it looks. Not sure if its the negative or the enlargement (or something in the processing?), although given the focal length and the aperture, I have a hard time thinking the negative is out of focus. Gonna need to sort that out for sure.

I really should have used a reflector to toss some light up into her face/head. If this were digital, I'd save it by carefully masking her out in PS and doing some selective exposure control. I don't think I can get the needed level of precision with this process.

I truly love the way the sky/clouds came out in the second print. These were taken with my RB67, 50mm lens with a red filter.

I used some of the fixer I've been using to develop film. Didn't really mean to. I had forgotten that I mixed up my entire bottle of fixer a few weeks ago. Is that a no-no (using the same fixer for prints and for film)? I realize the concentration was wrong (1/4 for film, 1/9 for prints?)