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Followed a graph of my own (of a 400 speed film) with my fingertip up 7 stops from 0.1 ... I also came up with a density around 1.3. My graph measured 0.55 CI, and is a little "under" box speed development... Nice, you appear to have been lucky...
I don't have a graph to work with. I'm not even sure where to begin making one without a real densitometer. I also would likely need to read a bit more on how to properly interpret the results!

As far as luck goes, it definitely was either luck or God, as all the data shows FP4+ in Dilution B running 6-9 minutes. I was getting really dark negatives, so I tried dilution H with only a minor increase in time. 9 minutes leaves room for modification, without leaving me too rushed to finish before someone barges in! I've been able to expand the range, I think, just by adding 1 minute to the initial agitation, and developing for 10-12 minutes. A scene that metered from -3 to +1, came out -3 to +2-3 when printed.

Thanks for replying, and for the encouragement.