Good start. If you want her lighter, you could reduce contrast a little to lighten the blacks; something you don't really do much with printing. Usually you want solid blacks, but here, I think highlights are most interesting and the blacks provide shapes rather than detail. You could also keep her dark as is and tone it, so it's not dark silver face/shadows; sometimes rich sepia (or other rich tone) looks better than dark gray.

As far as dodging, I sometimes use a finger or thumb part way between the enlarger and paper to approximate the shape of an underexposed body/head. Wiggle it a little so you don't have a shadow of a finger, but sometimes the shape of your hands or fingers can make a perfect mask.

I use different fixer mostly to keep the film fixer clean. (so no paper fibers or airborne dust lands in the trays and then onto film where you only have one chance to get it right)