I decided many years ago to make only rarely loans of any gear I cared about, and then only to folk I knew I could trust to respect the gear.

Case in point: I loaned a mitre box which had been my father's to a "friend." The mitre box, for those who aren't familiar with them, isn't one of the wooden U-channels with pre-cut slots, but a glued up L-channel with a metal adjustable and calibrated guide to accomodate a back saw. My father and I in my turn had always put a wood scrap in it so that the saw wouldn't cut into the base. My "friend" returned it with the base badly scarred from the back saw, which was also severely dulled. No apologies. Perhaps he was ignorant; that is the most charitable interpretation I can make.

While this damage was small compared to ruining a functional camera (I don't know the SRT Super, but the SRT 101 was/is a delight) it speaks to the same basic unconcern for the property of others; and this incident occured perhaps 25 years ago, so the problem is not a new thing, sad to say.