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This was mentioned on another thread and I just thought of it, I don't know your camera but it was mentioned they with cameras that have leaf shutters, if you exceed the shutter speed, rather than see part of the frame completely black, you get a sort of underexposed center brighter image because the leaf shutter in the lens hasn't finished opening yet. Could this be what happened? Was the shutter speed too fast for the x-sync?

Just another thing to consider.

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Not quite right Stone

If the synch doesn't match, and the leaf shutter is only part way open when the flash goes off, the film is evenly exposed, but the shutter will perform like a second aperture and potentially reduce the brightness of the light that hits the film.

Sort of the same effect as changing from f/5.6 to f/11.

And the Mamiya 645 line cameras have focal plane shutters. There are a couple of specialized leaf shutter lenses you can use with them, but most of the systems lenses don't have a shutter.