It is all B.S. US movie theaters are charging $16 to $20 a ticket now. Tell me the $10 or $20 shipping charges for film are impacting the profits!

It is all greed over quality.

Why go to a movie house when one can get a 70 inch flat screen TV for their own home at reasonable prices and watch the thing right there?

Movie houses need to offer a higher quality experience than people can get at home.

$16 fpr a low quality picture, plus dealing with punks all on their cell phones and chattering through the presentation is enough to make me think real hard about that 70 in flat screen.

Besides that there aren't even any movies good enough to warrant a $16 ticket in the first place.

NOW... if they opened an art movie house near me that was dedicated to film projection, even showing classic movies like "Grand Prix", I would be on board with that.