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If you can make tank solution from the SM kit with no starter, then why do you want to make it from a replenisher? Replenishers I have seen and used do require starter to make tank solution, so if the SM doesn't require it, then it is likely straight developer and not replenisher, and that's why it was left off the list. Perhaps the straight developer can be used to replenish as well? If it also comes in a separate replenisher form, I don't know why it was left off the list.
Exactly! In the sell sheets, they say "…use this developer in C-41SM minilabs for making tank solution, or small tanks and tube-type processors without replenishment. No starter is needed…" but they make no mention of how to mix the tank solution outside of the labels on boxes for a few of the products. If you have their processing units F1 and F2, there are no documents online that'll show you how to mix these chemicals.

So! I sent an e-mail to Kodak in the hopes that they could help:

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I was looking through the processing manuals (Z) for Flexicolor SM chemistry and related technical publications (CIS), and I found a nice gem: CIS-49, or "Preparing Smaller-Than-Package-Size Amounts of KODAK Processing Chemicals." In this document, I found a handy chart that shows how to mix tank solutions from replenishers. All of the developers are there—Flexicolor, LORR, LORR LU, AR, etc.—but the Flexicolor SM process is not included in the document at all. It would be really nice to mix up a tank developer solution using the A, B, and C developer parts.

Is there any way you could tell me the right ratios I need to make tank developer? It would probably be enough to tell me how much of the A, B, and C solutions are included in the following package: KODAK FLEXICOLOR SM Tank Developer—To make 2 litres, CAT No. 175 6337.

Thanks in advance for your help! (:
They just responded:

Thank you for contacting Kodak Professional Technical Support.

You are absolutely correct! We do need to update this publication and hope to do so in the near future.

In the interim, I have attached a document that should address some of your needs.
The document they sent contains label art and instructions that go with Flexicolor SM tank developer / fixer. It also contains instructions for Ektacolor RA2 SM tank developer, bleach/fix, and stabilizer. So cool! I've attached their document to this post!