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I think the shutter is/was made by Copal and they pulled the plug on it for some reason. If you're really interested the reason will be buried somewhere in the CVUG mailing list archives over at Cameraquest. However, about the only thing I don't like about my R2 is the noisy shutter and the new one on the R2a is supposed to be much quieter.

Let us know what your friend ends up with. What lenses is he interested in? I should have mentioned it earlier, so I may be too late, but if he's interested in the 75mm upwards end then he may be better off with the R3a. Whereas if he's a "wide angle" person then he'll want the R, R2 or R2a.


Yeah, I know what you mean about the shutter; mines still as loud today as it was when I bought it, I’ve just become use to it, until I use my FM3a and then I think…hang on, this has a mirror and it’s……still, the R2 is a gem to use otherwise. Think the R seemed a touch louder (subjectively) as it had a plastic top. Funny that the R/R2 is defunct yet Rollie/Cosina are still producing the 35 RF…or are they? Nice but too much dosh in my view for an R/R2 with cosmetic/re-badge adaptation. Wonder if the shutter’s any better? Brad (he’s the one searching for an R/R2 might go for the R2a if can’t get either of the others, only he’s a ‘mechanical’ nut and the new Bessa’s are ‘BATTERY’ dependent. He’s into street shots so I guess he’ll buy a 35/2,5 with it. Just read the review of the R3A in this months Black & White; nice to see such an informative review in there again: Hicks and Schultz, the dynamic duo. Going to take a look at CVUG, see what I can find.

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