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I remember E-4 Ektachrome being bluish and E-4 Fujichrome having overdone colors. I preferred Fuji over Ekta. But I thought the class act in E-4 was Agfachrome. Natural colors, well balanced. Creamy whites.
I've recently mistaken some of my Agfachrome slides for Kodachrome-- their color has held up very well. My E-4 Fujichrome has been fading- mainly yellow, making the famous Fuji greens look muddy. I only bought E-4 films when I was too broke to afford Kodachrome, (around half the cost, with processing) and for that used Agfachrome after I 'discovered' it. The only thing I didn't like was its graininess, but back then nothing compared to Kodachrome in that regard, especially K25.

I'l try the Ferrania if it comes out. I don't know how the last E-6 films were from them as I never tried them.

Yes Agfachromes were way better than Kodak E3/4 but it was their own process and quite different to E3/4, and they did eventually switch to E6.

Of all my slides the early Kodachromes have faded the most but then they are the oldest going back to the mid 1950's. KII was a touch better, K25 seem very much better.