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None of this affects me. I shoot sheet
film, and have solved that whole theatre issue the simple way ... I simply don't go to movies anymore. Why bother if there's nothing special to the experience.
I remember a while ago concerns about how halting MP film producion affected Still film, as the latter was "subsidized" by the former; At least in the sense of economies of scale. But yes... the only manufacturer that keeps both lines is Kodak. If MP film demand decreases, let's see what would happen to Still film.
Fuji... well, are "more or less commited" and the other small manufacturers do some MP or none at all.

And the last movie I went to see, man of steel, used Kodak stock; Better than nothing. Due to prices and as our group of mates don't get together as much and in the way we used to do... I am happy by not going to the cinema.
Yes, it is becoming less special. With film projection there's still some "cinematography look" (though in camera film still keeps it) but with pure digital it just seems a big version of youtube.