About a year ago I was enquiring on the Bergger BRF15 film. Robert Vonk replied and said it was basically a NP15 emulsion. That said he also said:

"It is /was an NP15 variant from OrWo Filmotec. Coated at Forte (before 2007) and put a modified NP15 OrWo emulsion on it. The same film was delivered to Maco under Rollei PAN 25 (version 1). The rest stock was bought by Impex and they sold it later under Adox Pan 25.
Rollei-Maco changed later for the Rollei Pan 25 (version 2) to Efke 25 film.

Because of the demise of Efke/Fotokemika, again plans are made for an OrWo Filmotec emulsion. The coating step can now be done by Foma or Inoviscoat."

Has there been any new plans to re introduce this film coated by Foma/ other and released under various names?