Well i used to be able to cross the border from el paso,tx to juarez mexico... 8.00 in el paso normal theatre experience... for about $5.00-$6.00 in juarez, mexico i would be able to sit in a leather la-z-boy type chair where my feet would go up... get awesome hot dogs with everything on it and mixed (alcoholic) drinks, catered to us... this was a 10-15 minute drive, given that crossing back the border was 5-30 minutes if we came back late enough.

on a second note... the movie industry used to be able to make a killing after movies were released for private viewing... through video sales... although they still charge $33 a blu-ray disc, fear of obsolescence (which is so apparent today), doesn't appeal to much to people. Any why re-watch an summer action film (which for the most part lacks much intrinsic value) when you can watch anything imaginable on youtube. the reason they charge so much at a movie theatre is for the 'experience' which for me was cool... but as mentioned with digital projectors and sloppy sound producing, it's just not the same. Once people noticed the difference a sound system did to an in home 'movie experience' the game changed drastically as well.

The last straw was drawn when people began to upload movies online the same day they were released. why pay $25 for tickets, plus 15 for popcorn! and soda, when you can enjoy a MEAL or whatever snacks and the same movie IN bed on your computer screen. no driving, no lines, no problems. All i have to say, is i agree the 'experience' is lacking for what they charge, i want my lay-z-boy