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I completely agree! I recently started using my Nikon F3HP (purchased new in 1983) again, after a hiatus of several years with my Nikon DSLR's. I took my MD-4 motordrive off the camera, which made the camera heavy as a brick, and fitted it with the bottom portion of a CF-21 case (purchased in new condition on eBay). It's now a light, elegant and relatively compact camera, easy to carry

My first roll of film, a Fujicolor 160S Pro that I'd kept in the frig, was run through the camera and came back very nicely exposed using only automatic aperture exposure. What a nice camera, still a young 30 years old!

Nice. I suspect my F3P will spend a lot of time in F3 Limited mode. Even though there's no cable release socket, the camera does handle pretty well as a non-motorized camera.

Attached is a pic of my previous F3P with an 85/1.8 K-version Nikkor attached. Shown in the non-motorized configuration.