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Even Javascript is unnecessary more often than not and just makes things crashy.
Your comment is important, David, so forgive if I pry a bit. I've never experienced a crash with Javascript on my WindoZe XP/Pro nor the Mac G5 under OSX, and the largest single constituency I work for (a university with over 7,000 PCs and perhaps 250 Macs) has no problem with my javascript. However, an outside client (a magazine) which uses Macintoshes, mostly V9 and OSX does experience stopped clients. The magazine has a rather, ah, 'creative' systems person and they experience far more problems than just web browser crashes. But it raises the question I cannot anticipate: how many other Mac people are similarly creative/mismanaged, odd, or is it truly a problem even on well managed Macs (other than the university Macs which do not have problems.)

Now Java is a different case and I just will not use it.