So we will get these: pls correction

travelwide 65 for 65 /8 SUPERANGULON only? how about the angulon f6.8?
is it fixed focus only? or two versions?

travelwide90 with focussing mount?
(non-Super) Angulon /6.8, it can also mount other 90mm lenses.

Schneider Super Angulon 90mm /8
Nikkor SW 90mm /8
Fujinon SW 90mm /8
Caltar 90mm /8
Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm /6.8
Caltar 90mm /6.8

2. how about a vertical preshift-version? turning around the camera for a second shot. using 6x7 back or
additional moving the back to cover 6x12 in total. darkslide must cover the uncovered space then.
or using the chinese rotary back for hasselblad-backs(4 shots). pls correct me