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Looks like Sue will stay back with Harvey the Parrot. I am looking forward to being there.
Just ordered my advance ticket from Hale Farm to stop in and see the Civil War Reenactment. Ticket was $ 10.00 and appears they want $8.00 a car for parking. Anyone interested in going there for a while on Saturday (car pool)

John did you once say that they were real adverse to tripods there at Hale Farm?
Sorry Sue will not be coming. Sorry the dogs and bird would have a compatibility problem. Thanks for mentioning the Hale Farm reenactment event. I had completely forgotten.

Here is a link to the page on Hale’s reenactment site.

Here is the address for GPS users
2686 Oak Hill Rd Bath, OH 44210

In the past they have not allowed tripods. Their logic was that using a tripod made you a pro (sic), who would make money from his shots (sic). They wanted to make the money.

My suggestion is to call them and make your best personal pitch. Maybe they allow them for special events. Maybe each person you talk to will give you a diiferent answer. There has been quite a change of management and an influx of money, so who knows. Give it your best shot. (330) 666-3711